Welcome, I’m Ronovan. I’m the author of Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, a historical adventure set in the early 1700s. The book is due out in February 14, 2016 and is a partnership with the award winning author P.S. Bartlett.

While Bartlett, as I call her, has been writing her Pirate Tales prequal series to her award winning The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge, I’veAmber Wake: Gabriel Falling been writing the prequal to those tales. Two writers can write more than one. Bartlett has put her touches on the book, to fit with what she has written since my finishing the novel. And we’re just waiting for the release date.


I like to say I was born to migrant fruit pickers, since that is what my parents were doing in Florida at the time, picking oranges, and who shows up but the red haired me. Why not pecan trees so I could have brown hair and tan is beyond me.

However, I go on to grow up in Mississippi until almost graduation from high school when for some reason my stepfather decides to take a position with a company that wants to pay him a lot, and give him a truck and things like that and move us to Georgia. So what if we ended up with tickets to the Braves, when they were winning, and the Olympics. Okay so that was cool.

A love of history led to a degree in History Education from the University of Georgia where I spent most days either hanging out across from Sanford Stadium or in the ancient LeConte Hall. A building so old the steps have grooves worn in them from the thousands of students walking up and down them over the decades.

With my love of history, a ferocious appetite for reading, and an imagination honed since the single digit ages, writing has become a disease. I’ve been writing for more than . . . a long time. I’ve written more books than I’ve allowed people to read. Now it’s time to for publishing success.

In the future, you’ll see works that are contemporary from me, and set in the South for the time being. That is in the United States South. No place like home. There’s nothing like writing a series that does not require very much research, I can say that.

Enjoy the site as I keep you up to date on the goings on of my writing and you can always check out my blog, RonovanWrites, where I am fairly active or visit, a site I founded to interview and book review authors as well as provide articles for publishing and writing tips with a dozen+ team members made up of award winning authors, college professors, doctors, lawyers, college students, educators, and other professionals.

Much Respect