Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling

Amber Wake: Gabriel FallingEvery adventure has a beginning. With Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, Gabriel Wallace, Royal Navy Captain in 1706, is court-martialed due to his actions during the death of an Admiral. The Admiral’s business associates suffer greatly due to his death and decide to ruin Wallace if not have him murdered. Wallace has other ideas and with the taking of his ship, Majesty’s Venture, Wallace sets out on a mission of vengeance and more taking him from London to New England and to the Caribbean.

Meet the man who has the most to do with the pirate known as Rasmus, the man who helps turn Ivory Shepard into the pirate queen of the Caribbean in the Award Winning novel The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge. Ronovan Hester jumps into this world of Ivory Shepard in his debut historical novel written with the author of the Ivory Shepard series of novels, PS Bartlett.

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling’s release is set for February 14, 2016.