Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Interview

I was happy and fortunate to connect with Stevie and be grilled with her 20 Questions. What a way to be introduced to the other side of the interview process!

20 Questions with Author Stevie Turner- Stevie Turner

1.  You tell me that you were born of migrant fruit pickers.  How old were you before your parents settled in one place?  Where do you call home now?

As best as I can tell, it was about the time of Kindergarten. I recall taking naps on those floor nap mats each day and swinging in swings to dangerous heights, at least they were high in my mind. Today people would see that as neglect by playground attendants. I somehow survived until recent years somewhat unscathed.

Now I live in a University town near Atlanta, GA.

2.  What did you learn from such a diverse group of students at the ‘Alternative School’ when you taught them History?

All people are the same if given a chance. A number of students were there because the court system forced them to be there. Some teachers treated them as though they couldn’t be trusted. I told the entire class from the beginning … click to continue reading the rest of the story.


Author H. Schussman of El Tiburon and Counterpoint offered to interview me and review the book. You can get both at the same time.

I’ve been looking forward to this interview, Ronovan. Your constant help to new aspiring authors has earned you a place among the leaders in the literary world. It’s a pleasure to interview such a great guy, but I have to say… You are so normal and approachable. All of us are forever in your debt and are looking forward to getting to know you a little better.

So, let’s get started:

Author H. Schussman

What genre do you write?
Historical Fiction seems to be my natural leaning. Although, I have been working on a Southern Contemporary Romance for a while now. For the most part history finds its way into my thoughts. I have several manuscripts that deal with something to do with the past.

When did you start writing?
I guess it’s been at least 20 years now, but the real sit down and do it part has been the last few years. That’s when I began to pay more attention the craft of writing itself, in how to tell a story the right way.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on the Southern Romance I mentioned. I also have a YA Historical Adventure I go to when my brain needs a rest from the Romance. The YA book is one I wrote in the present but it’s gone back and forth between past and present in the idea stages. The manuscript is complete in the present version but I want to change it.

Who is your favorite character in your stories?
In the book I just released, Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, Captain Gabriel Wallace is my favorite for various reasons. I also like a character named Gimby, he’s the helmsman for Wallace’s ship and has a matter of fact way about him people can’t help but like.

Click HERE for the rest of the interview PLUS Author H. Schussman’s 4.5 Review of Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling

Photographer, Blogger, and budding writer, Michelle Lunato uses her reporting experience to conduct an interview on my book blog tour.

Over time, I started to notice Ronovan did so much more than poems though. He graciously puts out writing and blogging tips. He regularly interviews other bloggers and authors. He started another challenge that is more a movement for positivity and encouragement called BeWow. He even recently kicked off a weekly fiction challenge, Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes. Needless to say, his blog has a plethera of options to entertain you. But in case you need more, Ronovan co-authored a book in his spare time that promises definite page-turning suspense.

To find out more about this blogging powerhouse and exciting new book, I’ll let you hear it directly from the source. Below, Ronovan explains it all by answering my questions. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the read…

Michelle Lunato of

What is your book about?

Amber Wake-Gabriel Falling is a historical adventure set in 1705-06 and is about a man named Gabriel Wallace, a Royal Navy Captain, court-martialed for being in the wrong place at the right time. He then sets out on a mission to correct a great many wrongs that takes him to the Boston and the Caribbean. It’s not your typical sea adventure/pirate book. Wallace has one set of ships he’s after and a good reason why. You have to read to the end to find out all the reasons behind that why.

What made you start writing it? 

PS Bartlett and I talked a lot after first getting to know each other through her novel The Blue Diamond-The Razor’s Edge. The main topic on this particular day of discussion happened to be her book and how there needed to be a sequel. Our problem was Blue Diamond needed more exposure first.

Blue Diamond is a great book. Being Bartlett’s first venture into this genre, it had not received the love from the book buyers it should have. Not that she was complaining about it. She understands how it all works. She is a multiple award-winning author. For much more, click HERE.


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