Ronovan answers 20 Questions from Author Stevie Turner.

Author Stevie Turner is the first to suffer through interviewing me for the launch of Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling. Of course I then was grilled with her 20 Questions specifically aimed at my history.

1.  You tell me that you were born of migrant fruit pickers.  How old were you before your parents settled in one place?  Where do you call home now?

As best as I can tell, it was about the time of Kindergarten. I recall taking naps on those floor nap mats each day and swinging in swings to dangerous heights, at least they were high in my mind. Today people would see that as neglect by playground attendants. I somehow survived until recent years somewhat unscathed.

Now I live in a University town near Atlanta, GA.

2.  What did you learn from such a diverse group of students at the ‘Alternative School’ when you taught them History?

All people are the same if given a chance. A number of students were there because the court system forced them to be there. Some teachers treated them as though they couldn’t be trusted. I told the entire class from the beginning … click to continue with the rest of the 20 Questions.

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