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Would you like to join the list of hosts? There is a form at the bottom or an email address. Take your pick. I love to write and share, and not just to get my book before people that may not know me. Sharing my experiences writing, my life, my advice from the view point of a teacher, reviewer, interviewer, historian, blogger, poet, writer, and more. Throw in my favorite view point, that of a the father of the most talented, the smartest, and the unfortunately a lot like me in the personality department … 11 year old son who I call ‘B’ online. People ask me does B stand for Billy, Bob, Bradley. No, it stands for … wait for it … Boy. I am so original I hurt my funny bone I left back in the hospital in 2013.

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Stop #1

12/19/2015 with UK Author Stevie Turner: 20 Questions!

Stop #2

2/10/2016 with American Blogger and aspiring Author Colleen Chesebro: Silver’s Coming Attractions Review Included

Stop #3

2/10/2016 with UK Author Sue Vincent: How to Create a Character … and a brand new book!

Stop #4

2/12/2016 with UK Author Ali Isaac: The Friday Fiction: Featuring Ronovan Hester and PS Bartlett TWO Excerpts Included

Stop #5

2/13/2016 with UK Blogger Hugh Roberts: How to be a Great Guest Blogger

Stop #6

2/14/2016 with UK Book Cover Designer and Author Supporter Chris Graham: Guest Author Spotlight

Stop #7

2/15/2016 with Author H. Schussman: Interview

Stop #8

2/15/2016 with Author UK (Sort of) Author Sally G. Cronin: New Book Fanfare: Amber Wake: Garbriel Falling

Stop #9

2/15/2016 with American Photographer and Blogger Michelle Lunato: Fellow Blogger Publishes Book-An Interview

Stop #10

2/17/2016 with Vanessa Rodriguez: How to Create a Man for Romance Short Excerpt Included

Stop #11
2/19/2016 with Spanish and UK Author Olga Núñez Miret: New Book Amber Wake- Collaborations and More Short Excerpt Included

Stop #12

2/19/2016 with American Author Jeanne Bannon: Meet Ronovan Hester Author  Short Excerpt Included

Stop #13

2/20/2016 with South African Author Jo Robinson: Ronovan Hester Shares Advice on Writing Collaboration-Preliminary Agreements  Short Excerpt Included

Stop #14

2/21/2016 with American Author Vashti Quiroz-Vega: 10 Questions with Ronovan Hester

Stop #15

2/26/2016 with Author Debra Mauldin: Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Excerpt Included

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Ronovan Hester on how to create a character…and a brand new book! for @SCVincent site.

Ronovan Hester is a familiar face around here… many know him through his Lit World Interviews site, as well as for the weekly writing prompts he hosts on his own blog, Ronovan Writes, including the Haiku Challenge. He is an indefatigable supporter of Indie writers and reviewers.

Lately Ronovan has embarked upon a new adventure and, with P.S. Bartlett, author of the Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales, has just launched a new book: Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling… and to celebrate the launch, there is a chance to win a Kindle Fire too…

Amber Wake

First, I wish to give a big thank you to Sue Vincent for time on her site for my first ever book blog tour. Second, how to come up with something to write about for author Sue Vincent’s blog in regards to my own book? That’s like asking Sylvester Stallone to teach an art class for the constituents of Rembrandt. I can slap some words on paper that can look decent, but are nowhere near as glorious as a true master’s work.

Here we go anyway. Get the Donuts, Doritos, or Jammie Dodgers out. Pour the milk, coffee, or tea and let’s see how this turns out. (Yes, I know the ‘ugh’ is missing in donuts. That led to a very long fiction series I exchanged with another writer.)

How to Create a Character

The main character of my novel is Captain Gabriel Wallace of the Royal Navy in the year 1705.

First, a little background to Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, the Historical Adventure novel I co-wrote with PS Bartlett. This is the prequel to all the other books in PS Bartlett’s series of The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales. The Tales encompass the adventures of her main character Ivory Shepard, a young lady from Charles Towne in the Colonies who we see through her current trilogy learning to be and becoming a pirate captain. There were lady pirates during the Golden Age of Pirates. Ivory’s first appearance is in The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge, when she is a captain of her own small fleet of sorts. The book is currently the chronological last book in the series, but not the last one planned by a long shot.

After reading The Blue Diamond, becoming friends with Bartlett and many discussions about everything in the world, and brain storming so many things, I found myself creating these characters and histories that feed into those books. Of course, Bartlett took the original draft and added her scenes and touches to fit where she needed things to lead. Thus, what you see is not exactly that original manuscript. It’s about 95% original storyline, I would say.

From Discussions to Creating

How did I create a man who would become a pivotal character in the development of future world of The Razor’s Adventures?

There is a key word in that question above … pivotal. This man had to be someone of certain character and knowledge in order to fulfill his future purposes. The first name of a pirate, the hair color, and the eye color were the things I had to work with. From there, Bartlett allowed me to create a very important book in her Ivory Shepard world while she began working on her Ivory Shepard prequel trilogy of ….Click for the Rest of the Article on